Week 2 News

After a large amount of precipitation last week, we were fishing the drop. Rivers that had gotten too big with the rain fell into shape within a few days of the storm. Additionally, more access became available for some of our favorite rivers as the snow pack melted away. David and I snuck our way into a section of river inaccessible only days earlier. The only people who had gotten in previously this year rode in on snowmobiles. The river wasn’t stacked with fish but there were a few big bucks stationed in the prime pools waiting for the flow of bright hens. I got a fish with some of the most alligator teeth I have ever seen and dad got a large, high-teens buck. Later in the week, the largest river on the Island fell into swingable levels. Some spots had large numbers of bright steelhead in them. Another weather system approaches soon and water levels will change again. Hopefully some new fish will ride in on the freshet.

2 thoughts on “Week 2 News

  1. hey guys! nice writing dillon and great pics you bums lol wish i was there didnt get back to fish with joe so will have to be with you guys next time ! r.i.p. joe may your legacy of the love of teaching people to flyfish your favorite waters on p.o.w live on !!

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