North Umpqua River Packages

Four Hour Session $225 (1-2 anglers): With a four hour session, we will be able to target the shade specifically. You can choose between a morning or evening outing. Shade is often your best bet for success when swinging flies for summer-run steelhead. This option is available summer months only.



Six Hour Session $350 (1-2 anglers): The six hour package, like the 4-hour option, can be scheduled in the morning or evening. The extra time on the water can help anglers learn more techniques and will provide more opportunity for success. Oftentimes, we incorporate sink tips when the sun is on the water, getting the fly out of the glare on the surface. This package is available in the winter steelhead season (January-March) as well. Six-winter trips are a great for the angler that might not be able to spend an entire day on the river.


Full Day $450 (1-2 anglers): A full day is ten hours on the water depending on the day (shorter fall or winter days may change our schedule). In the summer season, you have the choice of splitting the day into two, five hour sessions. This way you can target the shade and give yourself a better chance of hooking a fish on the skater. Anglers can run the full day straight, meaning we fish for a continuous ten hours. This is a good option later in the season (October and early November) and in the winter season (January-March). Lunch will be included if you choose to spend the full day in one session. In the winter season, a warm lunch can be made available.


Evening and Morning $450 (1-2 anglers): We suggest these trips for anglers new to the North Umpqua, who are new to steelhead fishing, or who would like to learn in the day-light instead of the darker mornings. Like a full day, this will consist of ten hours of fishing. However, the trips is broken into an evening session and then a morning session of the following day. This package is a summer only option.


Winter Float Trips $500 (1-2 anglers): A winter float will put anglers outside the Fly-Water but in some of the North’s amazing water. We will fish out of the boat as we move down the river, with options to pull over and fish some of the great swing water. If wanted, trips can even be made swing-only. These trips are water-level dependent and will have the option to be rescheduled in the Fly-Water if conditions for the float do not align. Lunch will be included on these trips.




*All trips, regardless of length, will have drinks and snacks available.


** More than two anglers can be accommodated.