North Umpqua River Equipment

North Umpqua Equipment

When fishing the North Umpqua, primarily seven-weight rods are used. Six weight rods are great in the summer and eight weights for the winter. The single handed rods are in the 10 foot range while the spey rods are around 13 feet. A good reel is always preferred because nothing is worse than a reel malfunction. Skagit, scandi, and long belly type lines are effective tools. If you do not have any equipment, Renton’s River Adventures can provide gear. We can supply anglers with top-of-the-line Sage Rods and Reels. All set ups wil be joined with Rio lines for the best in performance.

Fly fishing

North Umpqua Winter Steelhead

Although summertime, it’s always wise to pack an extra layer (even if left in the car); the early mornings can be chilly. Breathable waders and studded wading shoes are used. The rocks are slippery and anglers need studs to make wading safe. Wading sticks are a great idea and can be provided.

All flies, tippet, and leaders also are provided. Muddlers, various skaters, and an array of traditional steelhead flies are useful in the summer. Come winter, leeches and intruders are the proper flavor.

Anglers need to purchase an Oregon State Fishing License and Steelhead Tag. These can be purchased at many sporting goods stores.