North Umpqua River Adventure


North Umpqua River Adventure

Meet your guide at a set time and location before heading out onto the river. Drive down one of the most beautiful canyons in the world before pulling over to fish one of the many awesome runs. The North Umpqua Fly Water hosts many riffles, pools, and tail-outs. We will instruct you how to present the fly to fish located in difficult lies and help increase your chances of success.

The side of a North Umpqua Steelhead

The North Umpqua is a dry-fly steelheaders dream come true. These fish will raise your heart rate and turn your stomach as they “play” with a surface presentation; sometimes a fish might show itself a number of times before committing. The clear waters of the North make each move of the steelhead extremely visual. Once the sun has hit the water, it is always smart to use sink-tips and unweighted leeches. The day light really lets you experience the true beauty of the river and the deep pull of a North Umpqua steelhead isn’t bad either. We have lots of confidence in this type of fishing because it often produces fish.

The winter steelhead season is an amazing time on the North Umpqua. We love spending time in the Umpqua forest, putting our flies in some of the deep pools and runs. Winter steelhead are elusive at times, however, the fish are big, wild, and beautiful. Rewards can be more than worth the effort. There is a chance to connect with a fish of a lifetime in the winter; every season we have the chance of catching a very large fish. We guide the winter season from the beginning of January through the end of March. When conditions allow, we may utilize the boats to float certain sections of the river, accessing more great water.

The walking and wading on this river can be physically taxing. Some trails have large boulders and hidden rocks making the approach a hassle. We take our time getting down to each run and put no pressure on you to race against the clock.