Summer Steelhead Time

With the first days of summer upon us and the salmonfly hatch on the exit, steelhead are on the mind. Summer fish are entering rivers across the Northwest including the Umpqua and Columbia. Soon the Deschutes and North Umpqua will be fishing well and there will be plenty of opportunities for steelhead fisherman.

We headed out of town early in the morning and put the drift boat in the water during the a.m. shade. A couple hours later and the sun was overhead, gleaming into any fish’s eyes. Regardless of what we thought would be unfavorable, the fish began to eat. By the end of a six hour float, we had found three June steelhead. Fishing early in the season can be hit or miss but the rewards can be well worth the effort.

Not to be forgotten, caddis season will soon be in full swing on the lower Deschutes. Clouds of the small bugs will span the river at the hatch’s peak and the trout will be looking up. This is a great time to hunt along banks for trout softly rising and fish behind trees for the sheltered rainbow.

If you would like to fish for trout or chase early summer steelhead, give us a call. There are multiple choices for an angler at these times of the year.

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