Spring Time on the Island

Spring is starting to bloom here in the Tongass. Everyday I walk through the forest, new shoots and leaves have pushed outward, reaching for the sunlight. Accompanied with a good push of rain, water temperatures finally made it above 40 degrees and the fish appreciated it as did we. Along with friends, David and I experienced some great fishing. New fish continue to push into all the island’s river, meeting with those that arrived earlier. This year, we have been playing around with the ten and fifteen foot leaders. The shorter leaders work great in slower water where the longer tip might put you too close to the bottom.

Dave and Gene join us this week. The two are veterans to the Prince of Wales program. On his birthday, Dave caught at least eight

fish without moving more than ten steps downstream. Only one of his steelhead showed having spent much time in the fresh water. The luck switched and Gene got a fish that he thought hit the twenty pound mark. The fishing remained great for the rest of their week.

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