Prince of Wales Island Fishing


Prince of Wales Alaska Flyfishing for Wild Steelhead and Trout

Steelhead Fly Fishing

Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Renton’s River Adventures offers a highly personalized Alaska flyfishing guide service catering to just two to four anglers per week on the rivers of Prince of Wales Island. The combined talents of our staff will make your trip special. David Renton has spent almost 30 years exploring Prince of Wales Island with a fly rod. David’s intimate knowledge of the Prince of Wales Island’s waters combined with his ability to provide tailored fly fishing instruction meeting the needs of fly fisherman of all abilities, enables him to provide a guiding experience flyfishing Alaska that is unsurpassed. Dillon Renton has been fishing the Prince of Wales since age 11 and, like his father, can find fish on many of the Island’s rivers.

Spring run steelhead are hot! Heavy tippets can be snapped on the take. The opportunity for a true “chromer” arrives on every tide. These Steelhead can be loaded with sea lice and will appear gun metal blue. The average Steelhead is 8 to 10 pounds with the opportunity for a 15 pound-plus fish available on every drift.

Our preferred method for fishing for spring-run steelhead is swinging flies employing spey and switch rods. The two handed rods offer many advantage; both David and Dillon enjoy and excel at teaching spey casting. Swinging on the Island may incorporate a variety of adjustments to flies and sinking lines. Broad runs, bordered by towering Sitka Spruce trees, set the stage for violent tight line grabs.

Pocket-water nymphing for Steelhead is a real thrill. Although nymphing is not a traditional approach to steelhead, it is very effective and will produce on most Steelhead rivers and streams.

For the trout fly fishermen, the Prince of Wales Island offers unique trout fishing experiences. Spring brings large pods of Dolly Varden and Cutthroat trout into local waters to feed on salmon smolt. Some streams support quality populations of beautifully colored rainbow trout. Although most of the trout fishing techniques are subsurface, there is always potential for a dry fly fishing experience. Join us Flyfishing in Alaska for Steelhead and Trout this year – prime timing is April and May.