Prince of Wales Island Equipment


Steelhead Fly-fishing on the Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Early season conditions

Alaska’s Prince Of Wales Island is a rainforest. High quality raingear is a must. Layering underneath will help you keep warm as conditions change throughout the day. Carrying an extra layer in a daypack is recommended. This is a temperate, maritime climate, with temperatures in the 40s and 50s, but a rainy day with temperatures in the high 30s can chill an unprepared angler.

Breathable waders are very nice along with a set of studded wading boots. A pair of long underwear or sweat pants underneath is a must due to the often cold water temperatures. Wading staffs are optional, but recommended.

The fly rod of choice for swinging is a thirteen and a half foot, seven weight spey rod . But any seven or eight weight rod will do the trick. When it comes to nymphing, a ten foot, seven weight will do. Most of the waters are small and require few “hero” casts. A reliable reel is preferable. A variety of lines is important when fishing Prince of Wales Island. When fishing a floating line, the double taper line is preferred for its “mend-ability.” For swinging flies, skagit systems are ideal. A variety of sinking leaders/tips allows an angler to match current water conditions.

Flies and fly tying equipment will be available at the lodge. For those who prefer to tie their own flies, a list of recommended patterns will be provided upon request.