Only six more days before David and I will be leaving Central Oregon and heading north to Southeast Alaska. Just when the weather here in Bend starts to shape up, we move back to cold conditions and rain. Everything is later further north and when we arrive, the first spring steelhead will be entering the rivers. Only weeks earlier, our favorite spots might have had ice still covering the surface. Neither of us is complaining about the weather though. Rain will raise rivers and entice bright fish from the salt. Nothing wrong with that.

Unlike last year, I procrastinated heavily when it came to tying. Articulated leeches catch fish but are a pain to make. The trailing hook always seems to catch my thumbs when working feathers on the upper section. David, who doesn’t appreciate beauty apparently, curses me when I dare tie an Intruder. He makes the argument that in the time I tie one big fly, I could have made half a dozen “flies that catch just as many fish”. Probably true.

Leaders of 10, 12, and 15 foot lengths are counted and organized. T-11, T-14, and other tips are put in their respective wallets. Almost surprised I didn’t loose anything important on the coast this winter. Leaders wallets fill my room and it shocks me to see how many Rio products we own.

We still have dates open in early May if there is interest out there. While I don’t mind fishing prime dates for myself, they will be available. In years past, this week has been very productive with double digit days on bright hens.

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