Odd winter

It has been a bit of an odd winter in the Pacific Northwest; driving over the pass the other day I was on dry pavement and looking to the side, I saw that only a foot or two of snow has accumulated. In years past, this trip is usually a bit more technical with walls of snowpack towered far higher.

Whatever the reason, weather this season has been mellow. We hope that March brings a little more water and snow to fill rivers and streams. Good for the fish, and the fisherman.

Anyways, fishing continues to be fishing. It’s winter steelhead and sometimes they remain elusive. We have been finding exceptionally beautiful fish with some big bucks. I caught an awesome guy the other day that snapped my 12-pound mono as soon as he thought he might be touched, so I have no picture to show. Awesome to watch my tube fly and biggest buck of the winter splash back into the cold water. But whatever, just stoked someone out there appreciated my efforts.

When on the coastal rivers, please be aware that there is a lot of spawning about to happen. Fish will be kicking redds and laying eggs for the future, so do them and yourself a favor by avoiding those places.

March is going to be good, so call if you want to go out. Also, we have a few openings for the Alaska season. If you want a chance of really hitting the magic for native spring run steelhead, this is the place. Mix that in with Dolly Varden, Cutthroats, and Rainbows, and you have the potential for a great fishing trip.

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