North Umpqua River

North Umpqua River

Flowing from the high Cascade Mountains, the North Umpqua River is a gem of southwest Oregon. Douglas fir, cedar and spruce cover the canyon in which the emerald waters navigate their way to the west toward their confluence with the South Umpqua.

Standing in the winter waters of the North Umpqua.

The North Umpqua is one of the most famous – if not the most famous –  steelhead rivers in the world. It is steeped in tradition created by generations of fly-fishermen that have come to its banks. These fish are large, bold, and fight incredibly hard.Their aggressive nature drive them to go air-borne for a skated dry fly.

The Umpqua is also one of the most challenging rivers. The rocks are slick, the trees hang out for your line, and the fish are oftentimes hard to find.

We use single-handed and spey rod techniques, utilizing surface presentations and full sink tip setups. Both are effective ways to catch North Umpqua steelhead.



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