Not much to say this time of year. The summer is really hot and the days are finally getting shorter. All eyes are on water temperatures in the Lower Deschutes and on the fish-counts over the Columbia River dams. Hopefully we get some cooler weather to bring more fish in. On the North Umpqua, fish have spread throughout the whole fly-water and, like usual, the allusive steelhead demands commitment. We have been having good fishing on all our waters lately and have been finding some spectacular fish. In my opinion, nothing is as rewarding to a fisherman’s effort as a beautiful, two-salt steelhead. Its awesome to know that we are still in the first half of our summer-run season.

We finished up a great trout season this week. While we continue to fish for trout into steelhead season, we will not target them as heavily. However, Deschutes rainbows eating October Caddis is a cool thing to see.

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