March Steelhead

March is a great time for fishing. The days are getting longer at water temperatures are starting to rise. Fresh fish continue to enter Oregon rivers, accumulating in the pools with fish that returned earlier. For many anglers, March offers some of the best chances to catch a winter steelhead.

As weird as it may have been, this winter has provided many quality opportunities for the fly rod. Spring is approaching and it would seem as though a few more winter storms are due. Rain and snow will provide a great set-up on many rivers. Fishing winter steelhead on a dropping system can be very exciting.

This week I was lucky enough to fish with a friend on a section of river foreign to me. We caught some bright, clean fish and I got to learn some new spots.

We will continue to fish Oregon rivers up through the first or second week of April. After that, the rivers will be full of spawning fish and it will be off to Alaska for spring steelhead.

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