July Trout Update

We are experiencing a strong period of hot weather in Central Oregon at the moment. Highs are close to 100 and there isn’t much of a break in the near future. While the heat doesn’t bode well for Deschutes steelhead in the lower river, it does provide some great action for the trout. With the hot weather comes the increased caddis activity. Yesterday, I saw more caddis swarms along the banks of the Deschutes than ever before. I was almost concerned that the amount of bugs would over feed the fish before mid-day. Luckily, fish could be found rising in about every spot. The heavy amounts of feed seemed to put them into a more relaxed, less skittish mode. In the end, it was a hot day on the river but it was worth the exposure.

Big Horns on the Deschutes View from Camp Deschutes Redside Deschutes Caddis Hatch OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

July is a great time to be on the Deschutes. While the fish may be more educated, the caddis hatch provides some of the greatest visuals of the season. It can also be a good alternative if those early Deschutes steelhead remain hard to catch. We fish caddis all the way through August depending on the bug intensity and fishing pressure. There can come a point when the trout are almost too smart after having seen the flybox thrown at them for a few months.

Anyways, we are heading into the most versatile time of the year. You can have good shots at both trout and steelhead if you play your cards right. Give us a call if you are interested in trying to get on the river for either.

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