July Continues

Trout on the Deschutes are becoming some of the most educated fish around. If you do sneak up behind a rising fish, you might only get one or two casts before it catches on the the program and slips away. Getting a drag-free drift is key. I think trout are more aware of a bad presentation then people give them credit for. The fly choice might be important, but even if the correct pattern has the smallest amount of wake to it, the trout will be a no show. Fishing under an indicator is what it is. If you aren’t getting any sub-surface action, switch up the nymph combinations. Try different attractors and different naturals that are moving.

Steelhead fishing continues to improve in Oregon. The lower Deschutes is beginning to kick fish out and it should only get better. The wind and heat can be hostile down near the mouth of the river; sometimes it is best to relax and save your arms for a later session than to beat yourself up. On the North, covering huge amounts of water is the ticket. Not only lots of great water, but high-quality spots.

If you want any information on trout or steelhead fishing, give us a call. Trips this time of year can escape the larger crowds that you might find earlier or later in the year.


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