Final Weeks

There’s only a few more weeks of winter steelhead fishing left in Oregon. The majority of fish will be spawning in ernest soon and deserve the angler’s respect. Big storms are rolling onto the coast, which means many rivers will be getting big. Hopefully, river levels will drop and give us a few more opportunities. Before you know it, salmon flies will be crawling on the banks and summer fish will be heading up their rivers.

As the winter season comes to a close, it’s time to move operations to the Prince of Wales Island. Spring steelhead extends into May on the island. Like winter fish in Oregon, Southeast Alaska steelhead are big and many of the fish we catch are only miles from the ocean.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to fish with a good friend. His full-time enrollment in school has challenged our time spent fishing together, but we still manage. Our previous attempt at hitting the right water level was not so successful, and the river blew out after only hours of fishing. However, the more recent trip put us on “prime conditions”. Fishing on the other hand was slow, and the fish we did get did not come easy. It was an awesome thing to see his rod lift and to see signs of life on the other end. He landed a beautiful North Umpqua hen.

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