Final Week

Just finished up our fourth week of the spring season and are beginning our last seven days with Jim and Lee. Fishing is interesting this time our year and sometimes it feels more like summer on the North Umpqua orDeschutes;

due to the the latitude, it is fishable around four in the morning. That means early starts for shaded waters. However, cold water temperatures can delay any activity and sometimes the later bird gets the worm.

Before Lee and Jim got to the island, David and I fished hard. The rivers were high and the fish hid in the new volume. For the conditions, the two of us did very well and continued to find bright steelhead. Just when I thought the season should be on the way out, someone runs into a group of big, new fish. So far, it seems like our friends will have similar fishing. Rivers are in perfect condition to make matters even better.

Lots of bear sightings this week as well. They seem to want nothing to do with us. In addition, while fishing a pool about six miles upstream of the salt, two harbor seals joined us. The wakes these animals threw was impressive and all we could do was get out of the water. The very next day, just a hundred yards upstream, I caught a hen with fresh seal marks of her side. No doubt those animals are salmon/steelhead predators.

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