Deschutes River Fishing

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An uncommon experience for fly fishermen and nature lovers on one of America’s most beautiful trout streams – The Deschutes River in Central Oregon High Desert.

Deschutes River Fly Fishing

The Deschutes Canyon

The Deschutes River begins its journey at Little Lava Lake in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains.

It flows north to the Columbia River for 240 miles, and is typically broken into three sections – upper, middle and lower. The community of Bend, Oregon, is located at the end of the upper section and the beginning of the middle Deschutes.

Each section of the Deschutes River has its own, unique fishing opportunities.

The upper Deschutes fishery consists of mainly brown, brook trout and the native Redside rainbow trout. The middle Deschutes, flowing north of Bend, boasts populations of brown trout and resident rainbows.

The Deschutes River’s lower section, flowing from Pelton Dam to the Columbia River, is Oregon’s premiere fishery. The lower river has world-class fishing for native Redside rainbows as well as a steelhead. It is here that we offer our fly fishing trips

Deschutes Trout Trips

A beautiful Deschutes trout

A beautiful Deschutes trout

Desert “redband” trout are a native and indigenous fish to the Deschutes River. Mature, these fish average around 16 inches. What these fish might lack in overall length, they make up for in strength.

Being a fertile river, the Deschutes has multiple, seasonal hatches for visitors to enjoy. By early to mid May and lasting through the middle of June, anglers can expect to witness the salmon fly hatch. This large bug is a trout favorite and elicits big rises to the fly.

Following the salmon fly, daily hatches of caddis begin as summer settles in to the Deschutes Canyon. The heat of each day brings these bugs to the surface, creating blizzard-like conditions at times.  This hatch creates some incredible, dry-fly visuals.

Throughout the year, other hatches of mayflies, midges, and smaller stoneflies create opportunities. While there is really no time to stop fishing for trout, these trips usually run into September. After that, the focus shifts nearly completely to steelhead. However, if anglers would like to add trout to a steelhead trip, we can always target sections of river where the trout are eating October caddis.

Regardless of the hatch or season, Deschutes trout are an incredible fish and one of the best in the country.

Deschutes Steelhead Trips

A Deschutes Steelhead with some fall colors

A Deschutes Steelhead with some fall colors

The Deschutes River steelhead season is graciously long; anglers can enjoy good fishing from the middle of July through the later parts of the Central Oregon fall. Deschutes steelhead trips are, in our opinion, very special. We can run trips on the entirety of the Lower Deschutes in both drift boats and in our jet boats.

Deschutes steelhead average six to eight pounds throughout the season, with some components of the run being smaller and others being larger. The “B-run” steelhead, which arrive in the late summer and early fall, can enter the mid-teens in size and present anglers with a powerful fight. “Stray” fish, which are steelhead destined for other watersheds, pull into the Deschutes to escape the warmer Columbia River. This addition of of stray fish to the native component is what can make the Deschutes a great summer steelhead river.

The river and its fish lend themselves to be fished with a classic, dry-line approach through most, if not all, of the long season. When conditions allow, we enjoy fishing swung dry-flies, eliciting rises to the surface by aggressive fish. It is an experience we highly suggest and know the Deschutes provides. When the sun is on the water, temperatures drop, and or other conditions insist, we also utilize sinking tips with larger profiled flies.

All trips are equipped with Sage spey rods and reels. Combined with Rio Lines, guests have some of the best tools for fishing for steelhead. Visit our Deschutes Jet Boat Page for more information on our Deschutes steelhead program!

Family Fly Fishing Adventures

Renton’s River Adventures provides a full-service flyfishing adventure on the lower Deschutes River that is perfect for families wanting to experience fun with a flyrod.

We are uniquely capable of sharing the river with your family because we have spent years sharing the Deschutes River as a family. David and Debbie raised their children in Bend, and to Dillon and Knut, the Deschutes River is their home.

Corporate Fly Fishing Trips

A large angling group enjoys camp on the Deschutes

Attention to detail is the key to success when outfitting larger groups. Renton’s River Adventures sweats all the small details to provide corporate groups the reliability and consistency needed to make these trip memorable.

Central Oregon is easily accessible for corporate groups, with an airport located in Redmond, just north of Bend. Shuttle transportation for larger groups can be arranged to and from the river.


More than 20 years of guiding flyfishing trips on the Deschutes River for trout and steelhead gives us the confidence to guarantee our clients the safest, most satisfying camping and flyfishing experience possible on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon.

We have dedicated our fly fishing guide service and our personal lives to preserving the quality of the Deschutes River and to sharing the river’s rich pleasures with our guide service clients and friends.