Deschutes River Jet Boat Trips

Deschutes Jet Boat Adventures

A ride through the Deschutes Canyon in a jet boat is incredible enough, but the advantages of having the ability to travel freely about the river can also help anglers create success.

Locked and Loaded

Locked and Loaded

Fly fishing for steelhead is largely a game of coverage and the Deschutes is no exemption. Daily, anglers must cover runs, riffles, pools, and tail-outs, looking for a willing fish to take the fly. In the end, the more water a person covers, especially good water, the more the odds stack in their favor. Deschutes jet boats allow trips to increase the amount of water fished daily as well as the amount of “prime” water. Guides can move more freely up and down the river. Chasing shaded runs as the sun rises in the morning or begins to set in the early evening is a part of the game. Keeping your fly in shaded runs can be a huge factor on the Deschutes river. While the sun is on the water, anglers can chose to fish runs and spots where the sun angles are out of the fish’s eyes and at a more acceptable angle. With the sun at their sides or behind them, the fish are better able to see the flies we present.

Dillon and guide admire a wild Deschutes Steelhead

Dillon and angler admire a wild Deschutes Steelhead

Unique to jet boat camps is having an established, non-moving campsite. Upon being met at the beginning of the trip, guests are shuttled to a base-camp where they can settle in for the remainder of their stay.

Camps and in-camp services are always high quality. There is no need to pack gear each morning as we would in a float trip. As always, it is a goal to put the camp in a good steelhead run, giving guests the ability to fish directly from camp.

As with all steelhead trips, we provide spey rods with appropriate lines.

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