Deschutes River Equipment


Deschutes Fly Fishing Equipment

Bring your rods, reels and fishing gear including flies if desired. On all trips, we provide high-quality equipment in addition to whatever you may bring. We are proud to supply high quality Sage fly rods and reels to our clients. This include trout and steelhead rods, from four weight up to seven. Sage rods are made in the United States and are considered to be some of the best rods in the industry.

It is very important that you bring a pair of chest high waders with felt soles and/or studs; this will give you confidence to cover more water and catch more fish. Modern rubber soles will also work, but we do suggest the addition of studs to increase grip on the Deschutes river-bottom. Rental gear can be arranged by request from our local fly shop. We will provide a complete equipment and fly list upon deposit.

Seasons on the Deschutes River

Spring & Summer

Spring on the Deschutes River can be beautiful and mild. However, always be prepared for spring storms. As we get into the summer months temperatures in the 80s and 90s are not uncommon. During August when the warmest weather usually occurs, wet wading is the norm. Evenings in the desert can be on the cool side as the sun disappears and the stars begin to fill the sky. Star watching is a favorite after dinner activity so come prepared with an extra layer to make the most of the evening.


Fall on the Deschutes

Our fall steelhead season begins with summer like temperatures. One day we may be fishing in our shorts and the next day could be considerably cooler. Be prepared! Always carry extra clothing in the boat and have more dry clothing available in camp. Some days steelheading can be too good to be true, weather wise. But don’t be fooled. Early morning fishing sessions are cool and a fall breeze during mid afternoon, can chill an unprepared angler.