Deschutes River Adventure

Deschutes River Fly Fishing Adventure

The Deschutes Adventure

The adventure begins as we push off the beach in our Koffler driftboats or jet boats, designed for handling the Deschutes River with safety and comfort. Immediately you will see the incredible potential of Central Oregon’s Deschutes River. But hold onto your flies… you can’t fly cast from the boat. State fishing regulations allow for wade fishing only. Our boat is transportation down the river and a wonderful way to take in the incredible scenery of the Deschutes River canyon.

Your first casted fly will be the beginning of a lifelong love for the Deschutes River. The finned jewels of the Deschutes River canyon, including the “red-side” rainbow trout that may eat your elk hair caddis and the Deschutes steelhead that boils on your green butt skunk, are very special. There are many rivers that hold big trout but few that hold trout with the fight of a Deschutes River Redside. Nothing is more exhilarating than hooking a Deschutes steelhead on a dry fly. This High-Desert fishery is one of few rivers that offers consistent dry fly fishing for steelhead.


Deschutes River Camping & Dining

Deschutes River Camping

We bring the luxuries of home to the river with hot showers and a full kitchen. Our services and attention to detail can keep even the most soft-campers content.

Great fly fishing begins with a good nights sleep. Your home on the Deschutes river begins with your living quarters;


everyone sleeps on cots in expansive Montana Canvas wall tents. Sleeping pads are provided for added comfort and insulation.

Quality food is a high priority. We are a gourmet fly fishing adventure; our food sets the standard on the Deschutes River. We are proud of our daily specials and are always looking for new culinary delights to serve. If you have something special you would like served or require a special diet, let us know.

Fly Fishing Instruction

Guide David Renton

Fly fishing instruction is our specialty and passion. You will leave the Deschutes River with not only fly fishing memories, but newfound confidence in your skills in fly fishing. We have the knowledge and patience to build confidence in fly fisherman of all abilities. From fly casting the Spey rod to advanced slack line nymphing, we share it all. Learn techniques and strategies that produce not only on the Deschutes River, but on your home waters as well.

The Deschutes River Fly Fishing Day

Spey Fishing on the Deschutes River

A day of Deschutes trout fishing is whatever you would like to make of it. Food and coffee will be available when you step out from your tent and you can begin your fishing as early as you would like. Trout action often gets better through the day, so there is no rush to get on the water for those that might enjoy a more relaxed morning. As you leave camp, you will float down the river with your guide, pulling over to fish selected water.  We fly fish a variety of spots throughout the morning, including classic riffles, banks and eddies.The length of your day on the water can be coordinated with your hosts. Regardless of the time floating, there will always be water to fish around camp.

Steelhead can require an angler to make an earlier presence: we highly suggest waking up before first light for this pursuit. Like with trout, coffee and food are available upon wake-up, however, many people tend to prefer a lighter snack that early in the day. We fish the shaded morning and return for a break once the sun has hit the water as well as for a full breakfast. Through the lighted period of the day, guides and anglers will fish the spots with the best conditions for success. In the long summer days, a mid-day nap is highly suggested. Once the sun has begun to set behind the canyon wall, the shade will return and anglers will be back on the water. Dinner will be made available whenever anglers return from the water or when its too dark to fish.


Desert Evening on the Deschutes River

While you enjoy a fine dinner and great conversation highlighting the day’s adventures, an evening star show is being staged under clear desert skies.