Caddis Season In Swing

Caddis continue to swarm the banks of the Lower Deschutes. The last few weeks, the fish have been pulling close to the bank looking for the small bugs. While the trout may be wiser this time of year, stalking rising targets has been producing some real trophies.

Fish are going to be getting smarter in the next few weeks. Making sure that you make a clean presentation will be very important. Although they may spook, trying to get as close to a rising trout as possible will help you get a controlled drift with less drag. Diving deep into the trees to look for happy fish can also pay off. Not many fisherman will challenge themselves with the tight casting conditions and often times being in the jungle may be the ticket. Lastly, have caddis patterns in multiple sizes, colors, and stages of life. Sometimes, especially as the season progresses, the big fish may be eating a specific specimen. Find the correct imitation and it may help you catch fish the rest of the day.

We have spots open for single day trips through the rest of July. having a guide can significantly improve your chances of catching some of these awesome Deschutes trout. All of our trips lately have produced some extremely memorable fish. Give us a call or send us an email for more information.

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