Backside of Summer

The final month of summer is finally here. With the approaching fall is the promise of cooler temperatures and hopefully more returning fish. September and October are two ideal months for chasing steelhead in the state of Oregon. Deschutes fish will be more spread throughout the entire 100 miles of river meaning that the pressure of anglers will be more dispersed. Shorter days on the North Umpqua will mean changing leaves and more “comfortable” wake-up times. September-October fishing could even reward a fisherman with a true Fall Steelhead on the North. Skating flies for fish will continue to produce all the way through the fall season.

As of yesterday, we got off a trip on the lowest float of the Deschutes. The fishing is really beginning to pick up and we found some awesome fish. Most of our catch were big, wild steelhead that took multiple backing runs. The next few weeks have incredible potential for  some incredible swing fishing. Morning sessions had the most action. Give us a call for more information.


The North Umpqua has been challenging but we are still finding fish most days. Covering lots of good water is the key and trying new water will potentially find you a more responsive fish. My last trip on the river was a classic; we found a fish in the very first spot. It was an awesome 8 pound buck. We fished the rest of the day without another sniff, paying our dues for the early action.

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