Alaska 2013

Sorry for the lack of posting this winter. I hardly spent time on the river this winter due to school and work. While fun, the ski season was full of interesting weather patterns that made powder opportunities more limited than in years past. In the end, we did get to do some winter steelhead fishing and did manage to find a few fish in the green waters.

On a brighter note, Wednesday will be the beginning of our spring steelhead season in Alaska. Hopefully  storms will bring in proper amounts of rain and keep the rivers in great swinging shape. As of today, I finished tying for our trip and closed the boxes with everything from small comet-style flies to big and bold intruders. I’ll try to maintain a more frequent post than I have these last few months.


Lastly, the Deschutes trout season is just around the corner. Starting with the salmonfly hatch and continuing into the caddis blizzards, the Deschutes is a great spot for chasing redsides. Our June calendar has filled for the most part this season but has a couple gaps if there is any interest. July is still for the taking and most weeks have openings. Give us a call if you want to spend time on the Deschutes this summer.

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